The Villas

The KoliCarelia villas on the islands of Paalisaari and Hattusaari offer luxury accommodation for 8(+2) vacationers. All the cottages have been built of big round logs in the traditional Finnish style. You will have generous accommodations of 114 square metres on two floors. Each villa is situated on a half-hectare lakeside plot at the great Lake Pielinen. For more details, see the pictures below.

PAALIRANTA is situated on Paalisaari island and KESÄRANTA, LOISKE, LEPOLA and AAMUAUER on Hattusaari island.

The villas and carports are identical, and the lakeside saunas of the Hattusaari villas are also identical.

At PAALIRANTA, though, the summer sauna is king size. The sauna itself is almost “half-platoon” size, and the veranda is even bigger. There’s room for the whole crowd of the villa, all together if you like! – All our summer saunas have a magnificent outdoor fireplace at your service.

Only the furniture is different in the different villas, but the technical equipment is the same for all practical purposes. And these villas have what people seldom have today, even at home: a frame of 10-inch round logs combined with the latest heat recovery system and air conditioning. Of course, you’ll also find a comprehensive set of household appliances. And yes, there are two TV sets and two toilets in each villa.

There are two bedrooms and big more open alcove upstairs with four beds. One bedroom downstairs one upstairs.


Paalisaari  Paalisaa

It is easy to move the beds upstairs according to possible neediness.

One upstairs bedroom has two beds, the other one four. In addition, both the upstairs and downstairs sofas convert into beds. You will find a television set and a toilet upstairs as well.

Pets are allowed only by specific agreement in advance.


 Paalisaari  Paalisaari  Paalisaari


From the spacious living room-kitchen you’ll have wide views of the lake. The grand “Tulikivi” fireplace is made of soapstone from the neighbouring community of Juuka. 




Facing the afternoon sun, you have a spacious roofed porch for barbecuing or summer sunbathing.

On the lakeside porch you can admire the rising sun. When taking a sauna, you can come to the porch to cool off or go on for a refreshing swim.

The villas are well equipped for a pleasant vacation for 10 people. The appliances include a refrigerator, freezer, a stove with oven, a coffee maker, a microwave oven, a toaster, a water-boiler, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a dryer cabinet, a hair dryer, a radio, a CD player, a DVD player, two TV sets, and automatic climate control. Firewood is included in the rent.


 Paalisaari  Paalisaari  Hattusaari


From May to October, you have the large, cosy wood-fired lakeside sauna at your service. On its porch you can use the open fireplace or the grill to make an evening snack or just sit in front of an open fire and enjoy the peace and quiet. In the Paalisaari unit, the porch is even glazed in on the east side to protect you from lake winds. For a swim, you need to walk only 20 metres.


Paalisaari Paalisaari Paalisaari



Paalisaari Paalisaari Hattusaari


 Hattusaari  Hattusaari

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