We're big on sauna bathing. Throughout the year, you can avail yourself of a normal electrically heated sauna and two showers in each villa. Besides, each villa has its own wood-heated lakeside sauna, handmade of unhewn logs. The wood-burning sauna stove and the adjoining wood-burning water heater will give you a steamy caressing sauna experience and plenty of washing water. Afterwards, you'll enjoy cooling off at the open fireplace on the spacious glazed verandah. The glazing provides protection from the autumn winds of the great Lake Pielinen. In the open fire you can barbeque sausages, sandwiches, fish, whatever. For quicker cooling after the steaming sauna heat, you walk just 20 metres for a dip into Lake Pielinen. And you need not carry in your washing water from the lake with pails, either, as we did in the old times. You just use a hose to fill the tubs and the water heater.

The lakeside saunas of all our villas in Hattusaari are similar, except for the veranda fireplaces, in which the mason followed his artistic instincts

The lakeside saunas of our villas in Paaliranta are extra large. As many as 10 bathers can enjoy the steamy experience together.

The lakeside saunas are in use from May till the end of October. The firewood is included in the rent.


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